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Every family is different.  Because of this, Healthy Families does not have a "special list" or agenda that we follow with all of our families.  Our workers want to help you with what YOU want and need help on regarding parenting.  Our plan is to give you the best information possible, so you can make the best choices you can for your family.
To learn more about what your needs are, we will spend one hour a week with you so we can learn as much as we can about your family.  We can talk over your stresses and help you find solutions for the problems that are keeping you awake at night.  And we are always a phone call away if you have an emergency and you don't know how to find the answer to life's biggest problems.
During our visits we will share information on development, do developmental testing on your new baby, and talk about your families strengths so we can support you and your family to reach your goals in life.  And if you can't think of any goals?  We'll be there step-by-step as you decide what goals will move your family to being stronger and healthier than ever before. 
As we get learn about your new baby, we will show you different games and activities you can do to help your baby grow to reach his or her fullest potential, and will help you bond with your baby.  We will discuss what the new expert advice is on feeding, routines, and sleeping schedules, and help you decide on what parenting philosophies work best for YOUR family.  As you baby grows and you aren't sure what to do about those "terrible-two's" we can give you advice on temper tantrums, toilet training, and all of those new milestones that come along in the first years of life.
Health and safety are other important topics that wie will discuss with you.  We will help keep track of well child checkups and immunization schedules, and we will bring out information on special topics such as summer safety, and childproofing. 
How long are we involved?  We can help you through the preschool years, and work with you as you get your child prepared for Kindergarten.  We can stay involved until your child turns five.
Lastly, our services are offered at no cost to you, thanks to generous grants from the state

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