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Source:  Naval Safety Center


  • When your child gets a new toy, read the warning labels and any other information that accompanies the toy. Often there are right and wrong ways to play with a toy.


  • Get rid of plastic wrap or packaging that might suffocate an infant.


  • Pay attention to the recommended ages on the package. Just because a child wants a particular toy (or receives it as a present) doesn't mean that he or she is old enough to play with it. If there's an age restriction, don't thing that you can ignore it as long as you supervise the child; that isn't good enough.


  • Keep toys belonging to an older brother or sister away from the younger ones.


  • Check toys once in a while for broken or torn parts that can pose hazards (such as choking, if a small part breaks off, or sharp edges that can cut).


  • If you have to assemble a toy, follow the directions carefully and fully. Call the information number if you have problems.


  • Maintenance can mean the difference between a toy that is safe and one that is hazardous. Make sure you have directions for maintaining toys that require periodic care.


  • If you keep toys in a toy chest, it should have a lid that stays in whatever position it is raised to. It shouldn't slam shut. Teach your kids not to climb into toy chests, even if the toy chest has vents in it.


  • Get rid of popped balloons immediately. Small children can easily get them caught in their throats.


  • Watch for toy recalls that affect you. When you buy a toy with a product registration card, fill it out and send it in so you can be notified about recalls.


  • Teach your child that electric toys and water don't mix. Don't let them use electric toys around pools or in the rain.

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