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Source:  Naval Safety Center

Coping with Holiday Stress

  • Have a realistic plan. This will reduce the strain of juggling tasks, duties, errands and appointments.


  • Stick to your lists and your budget. Overspending is a common source of Christmas stress. Remember that the point of the season is to show care, not to simply consume.


  • Learn how to say "no" to less important activities. Be selective. Don't over-schedule. If you limit yourself to two social events per week, you won't run down your batteries.


  • Plan parties or shopping trips with family and friends, in order to cut down on the number of events and responsibilities.


  • Schedule some "down time" to use for rest and reflection.


  • Keep your sense of humor.


  • Establish your own standards, and don't be governed by other's expectations or demands.


  • Don't skip meals or live on snacks because you are too busy.


  • Don't sacrifice your exercise program as you get busier.

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